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Meet the Artist Pat Pendleton

Pat shares about women artists
“Women are born creators. We conspire with the very essence of life to cradle its beginnings in our bodies and birth babies.

We make nests for ourselves and for our loved ones. These noble pursuits can fill up a life in a satisfying way.

As a woman artist, I must kick myself out of the nest and risk flying—leave the comfort of the earth and risk seeing the stars—and hope, at the end of the day, I will be welcomed back into the nest, where love and comfort are important to this woman artist, only to fly away again and again. The nest and all it represents is both the foundation that supports my art and is my greatest distraction.

The reward of making art is the process of seeing deeply into all the surrounds us and experiencing the beauty of all of it—then in creating a work of art to share that vision—hoping it will touch another person in a meaningful way.”

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